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Need an IT solution? I'am allways ready to help!

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IT has to work for people and companies not companies for IT.


What can i do


  • From where to start
  • How IT can help
  • What solution
  • How it's cheaper


  • WordPress
  • Html/css
  • Php
  • JavaScript


  • Create design
  • UX help
  • Banners
  • Photoshop works


  • Hosting services
  • Domain managment
  • Inside SEO
  • Website maintenance

Need an IT solution? I'am allways ready to help!

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IT solutions must bring tangible benefits -
Earn money, save time and costs

About me

Linas Pagirys

Linas Pagirys

I see my partners as brothers - it's vital to talk honestly, understand each other and find the most optimal solution.

Fundamental principles and Values:
  • IT has to serve people and business, not the other way around.
  • IT solutions must bring tangible benefits (Earn money, save time and costs)
  • People are different, so are the business, thus each case is specific, individual and drawn as a new picture
  • Reliability and responsibility - it's better not to take the task at all than to deliver it poorly or late. We develop your projects together.


Artūras mizeras

Artūras Mizeras

Chief Project Manager at Lone of the leading group buying portals in Lithuania

To the extent I had to deal with IT Brother, he truly analyses the client situation, tries to hear and understand it's needs and suggests the most optimal alternative. I rate highly the explicit value of the IT solutions.



“Kaidens” is a professional beauty and dental clinic which is providing all services for dental care. Company offers highest quality in their working field.


Do you need a banner or a design? Do you have a vision for it? Just let me know, with or without it I will take care of it.

Budgetary institution


Budgetary institution National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture – the only accredited institution, governing state support for the agriculture, village development and fishery. (Programming part delivered)


Portal is a community of weight losing gurmans, trying to combine weight loss and tasty nutrition at the same time. The community is growing into a social network. They are open to many new ideas, choices and people.



East Link unites a team of professionals, who are determined to become your reliable partner in China. By demanding only the highest standard performance from ourselves we strive to make SP East Link the symbol of reliable partnership.


D LEGALS – The law agency of tomorrow! In this global and digital world more and more of the legal services are moving into the digital world. This is where you will meet D LEGALS.


Odontology clinic “Denta” has been providing with professional odontology services since 1992. It offers its customers a wide range of quality odontology services. It holds modern and internationally recognized equipment and is ready to serve at the highest standards of quality.


VP Code


Hello, my name is Vilma and I am a fashion designer. I am passionate about style, design and life in general. Welcome to my website! My story started back in the young days when I was obsessed with arts, designs and style ideas.



Travel Canaries is a personal service that guarantees your brilliant holiday experience in Tenerife. Our main advantage is that we are here in Tenerife,  this can offer special attention and services for You. (Atlikti programavimo darbai)



AdoreBoutique is a blog about Lithuanian fashion and boutiques scene. It covers news about local designers, latest collections as well as updates upon the fashion boutiques.

Need an IT solution? I'am allways ready to help!

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Natural desire to get better as a person and as a professional inspires
to deliver way more than it is expected.

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